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Men’s Health 


Certain conditions disproportionately affect men; regular screening helps ensure early detection and more effective treatment. Our specialists at LuccaHealth offer regular check-ups for men to screen for illnesses that may not show signs until they progress to help avoid complications.

Women’s Health 


Common ailments affect women at various stages in their lives; routine health checks can help to detect abnormal changes and conditions. Our specialists at LuccaHealth offer check-ups for women to screen for common health risks that affect women in Ghana, including more frequent screening for specific diseases for women with higher risk factors (e.g.,  genetic, age-related, environmental).

Endoscopy at LuccaHealth 


Ailments that affect the digestive tract require careful exploration; at LuccaHealth, our specialists use sedation when preforming an endoscopy to look at the digestive track. Using sedation for this procedure ensures that patients are more comfortable and relaxed; it also allows our specialists to perform a thorough examination for a more accurate diagnosis.

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International Health Awareness
Dr Udele Tagoe
Gynecological Surgeon
International Cancer Survivors’ Day


We celebrate the brave women who have fought the battle against cancer. Even with advancements in cancer treatment, prevention is still the best way to fight the disease. In Ghana, gynecological-related cancers are one of the leading causes of cancers among women. We encourage women to incorporate routine screenings, such as pap smears, cervical cancer screening, and well-woman visits, into their annual medical examinations to help with early detection and treatment.

Dr George Haramis
Urological Surgeon
International Cancer Survivors’ Day 

In June, the world celebrates those who have survived cancer. Today, cancer is still fatal more often than necessary. One of the leading causes of cancer deaths is late presentation of the disease, including in Ghana and other West African countries. The best way to reduce the cancer mortality rate is to embrace a preventive health lifestyle, including routine cancer screening.

Dr Fatima Khambaty
General Surgeon
International Hernia Awareness


Each year, hernias affect millions of people globally, but only a portion of those suffering seek medical treatment. International Hernia Awareness Month is observed each June to raise awareness about hernias, preventative measures, and treatment options available.



LuccaHealth COVID-19 Protocols –

How Are We Keeping You Safe?

Making decisions about whether and how to seek healthcare during a pandemic can be complicated. Our commitment to you is to provide the care you need, when you need it, as safely and conveniently as possible. We have implemented enhanced protocols at LuccaHealth to create a COVID-FREE environment for our patients, staff and visitors.

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