Frequently Asked Questions

LuccaHealth is dedicated to providing excellent patient education so that our patients understand our services. Included here are some of our most frequently asked questions about what to expect at LuccaHealth Medical Specialty Center.

What is ambulatory surgery?

Ambulatory surgery, also known as outpatient surgery, is performed in a specialized setting in which a patient can safely undergo surgical procedures without requiring an overnight hospital stay. Many surgeries qualify for outpatient surgery, after which a patient is discharged on the same day to recover safely at home.

Where is ambulatory surgery performed?

Ambulatory surgeries can be performed in a variety of settings, including at an independent, multi-specialty surgical center like LuccaHealth. Some ambulatory procedures can be performed in a physician’s office or clinic. Common examples of procedures that are routinely performed on an outpatient basis include eye cataract surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, hernia repairs, gallbladder and tonsil removals, and some gynecology procedures.

What are the benefits of ambulatory surgery?

Studies show that patients recover faster at home than in a hospital and experience less pain. Other benefits of outpatient surgery include convenience, personalized care, ease and timeliness of scheduling, and shorter recovery times, which minimizes the disruption to a patient’s daily routines and lifestyle.

How long does ambulatory surgery take?

Depending on the type of surgery performed and the doctor performing the procedure, outpatient surgery ranges from one to three or more hours.

Is outpatient surgery safe for elderly patients?

Ambulatory surgeries can be performed on patients of all ages. A thorough medical evaluation should be given to all patients prior to surgery to determine whether outpatient surgery is appropriate. Your medical doctor will give you this evaluation before he or she refers you to LuccaHealth.  LuccaHealth’s surgical and anesthesia specialists will perform a pre-surgery evaluation as well to ensure is it safe for you to undergo the procedure.

How soon after surgery do patients go home?

In general, most patients who undergo outpatient surgeries can go home after one to four hours. This timing varies, however, based on the type of surgical procedure performed, the length and type of anesthesia that was administered, and the patient’s general condition among other factors. Your doctor will provide give you an idea of how long you can expect to be at LuccaHealth following your procedure. If there is a necessity for a patient to remain overnight, LuccaHealth will arrange for your care at our facility, including providing overnight supervision.

Do you accept insurance? If yes what kind?

Procedures performed at LuccaHealth are generally covered by insurance or managed care plans. The list of providers who currently provide coverage for LuccaHealth’s services can be found on our site under Patient Information.  If you don’t see your provider, call them and ask if they will cover the services you need.  We are always happy to advocate for our patients.

Does your center offer consultation in any other languages?

Our team of clinical and non-clinical staff have an excellent command of Ghanaian and international languages, including:

  • English French
  • Spanish
  • Twi
  • Ga
  • Hausa
  • Italian
  • German
  • Greek
  • Arabic


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